CFF Parent Info

Information for Parents

  1. It is very important for parents to meet their children’s catechists. Parents have the responsibility to know the catechist and support him/her in the religious education of your child. Remember that, when the child was baptized, you made a commitment to help the child in his/her religious formation. We believe the complete development of a child’s formation in the Catholic faith is composed of three parts:
    1. Attending religious education classes regularly (1/3)
    2. Parental support of the catechist’s teaching (1/3)
    3. Attending Mass each Sunday together as a family (1/3)
  2. Students need to be in class on time each Sunday – 10:10-11:20 a.m. in the Family Activity Center. When a student is late, it disrupts the entire class. If a child is habitually late for class, the parent will be contacted.
  3. Classes end at 11:20 a.m. Please do not pick up your child early unless it is absolutely necessary. If you arrive any earlier, please do not go down the hallway and stand by the classroom door as this can be disruptive to that classroom and well as surrounding classrooms. Please remain in the foyer.
  4. If you know in advance that your child will be missing a class, please let the catechist know or call the office at 792-6168.
  5. For security reasons, we have only one entrance and exit to the Family Activity Center, the main doors facing the church. Please understand that this is a safety measure for all the catechists and the children.
  6. When children bring home any material from class, please review and discuss the material with them. Even if your child does not bring home any materials from the class, please talk to your child about what went on in class.
  7. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to visit their child’s classroom. I ask each parent to commit to attend at least one class this year to assist the catechist and understand what your child is learning.
  8. Any time a child causes a disruption in the classroom which cannot be handled by the catechist or Children's Formation Coordinator the parents will be contacted.
  9. We want this to be a great year for our students. The faith journey of each child (big or small) requires the help of the catechist and the family. So let’s all work together for the faith journey of each child.

Thank you for all your help and cooperation in our mutual partnership in educating your children in our Catholic faith.