Saint Monica Ministry

For Those Praying For A Loved One To Return To The Church

Broken hearted that someone you love has left the faith?

The Saint Monica Ministry was inspired by the patron saint of married women, mothers, widows and alcoholics, who prayed daily for her son to mend his wayward habits. Not only did her son return to the Church, he became St. Augustine of Hippo, priest, bishop and one of the greatest writers and influences on the Western development of the faith. The first Sunday of each month at 3 p.m. in the parlor, the Christ the King Cathedral Saint Monica Ministry comes together in prayer and to offer insight into why many adults become inactive or indifferent to the faith. Using Dr. Jack Buchner's The Saint Monica Ministry as a guide, the group encourages those who are broken hearted because someone they love has left the faith, including

  • Helpful, appropriate responses
  • Destructive, inappropriate responses
  • Deepened Spirituality: how has and how is the Lord touching my life through this situation?
  • Personal growth through a heightened self-knowledge
  • New beginnings - seeing myself, my loved ones, life and God differently
  • Spiritual exercises in prayer and in faith through the use of the St. Monica text
  • New friendships through sharing with others in this ministry.

The Saint Monica Ministry of Christ the King Cathedral was formed by Tricia Vowels in 2010. Tricia brought the idea of a St. Monica Ministry to the Cathedral when someone close to her quit practicing the faith. “During that difficult time, I discovered Dr. Buchner’s book and was inspired by the idea of bringing together others whose loved ones or friends had turned away,” says Vowels.

The St. Monica Ministry she organized at Christ the King Cathedral now meets the first Sunday of each month at 3 p.m. for prayer, spiritual readings and insights from guest speakers on outreach to those who love non-practicing Catholics. Dr. Buchner has now traveled to Lubbock twice to help expand the ministry to other parishes in the Diocese of Lubbock and to deepen the spirituality of those who attend his sessions.

For more information call Jeanette Hardin at 806-778-3684.

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